Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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About Us

Workers Interfaith Network (WIN) advances the rights of workers by uniting diverse faith communities and workers in action, from grassroots organizing to shaping policy.

WIN's members are Mid-Southerners just like you, who believe that all workers deserve to be treated with justice and dignity. Since WIN started in 2002, our members have established living wages and fair working conditions for thousands of low-wage workers in the greater Memphis area. Learn more about our past victories.

How We Do It

WIN's members engage in advocacy and organizing to win concrete victories with low-wage workers. As a WIN member, you have many opportunities to make justice a reality for low wage workers.

By doing things like sending emails, participating in prayer vigils, and meeting with business owners and elected officials, you make a difference.
The results of your action with workers are living wages, decent benefits, and safe and respectful working conditions.

Workers Interfaith Network organizes across faith lines and with workers affected directly by the problems of low-wage work. Members like you have achieved many victories in Mid-South workplaces.

Why We Do It

Do you believe that every person has God-given dignity that must be respected in the workplace? At WIN, we agree.

While people of faith may not agree on every issue or doctrine, our religions all teach us that God desires justice, especially for people in poverty. We honor our Creator by seeking justice that enables workers to share in the fruits of their labor.

WIN's members believe that it is essential that workers have a voice in the important workplace decisions that so deeply affect their lives and the lives of their family members.

How You Can Help

The victories WIN has achieved in have only been possible through the action and financial support of our members. We invite you to become a member of Workers Interfaith Network.

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  • The members of Workers Interfaith Network – people just like you – have won living wages and fair working conditions with thousands of workers.
  • By speaking up and taking action, you can join us in advancing the rights of Mid-South workers.
  • Learn more about what our members have accomplished