Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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Seek justice
Every person has God-given dignity that should be respected in the workplace. But changing poverty wages and unjust working conditions can seem overwhelming.

What can one person do? Plenty – and Workers Interfaith Network (WIN) can give you the tools you need to make justice a reality for workers.

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Our number one source of financial support is from individuals like you. On our online giving page to become a member of Workers Interfaith Network, or make a special gift if you’re already a member. You can get your questions about making a gift answered on WIN’s why give page.

Take action
Whether it’s an email to an elected official about a living wage bill, or joining a vigil to stop wage theft, there are always ways you can take action with workers.

With a small staff, much of WIN’s work is carried out by our volunteers. Fill out our volunteer interest form to let us know how you’d like to help and when you are available to volunteer. We’ll follow up with you with there are opportunities that match your interests and availability.

Involve your congregation
You can involve your congregation in WIN’s work in many ways, from hosting a speaker to becoming a Partnering Congregation with WIN.

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Our Success
  • The members of Workers Interfaith Network – people just like you – have won living wages and fair working conditions with thousands of workers.
  • By speaking up and taking action, you can join us in advancing the rights of Mid-South workers.
  • Learn more about what our members have accomplished