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Workers Interfaith Network does not currently have any paid job openings.

"Through my internship I got to learn all I could want about organizing and the labor movement. From orchestrating mass mailings to meeting with city councilmen, I got to be part of every step of the process, and got invaluable experience. Plus, it's nice to work at a non-profit small enough that you become friends with everyone in the office, and I really felt comfortable asking my co-workers any questions I had."
- Hannah McConnaughay, former summer intern

Interning with Workers Interfaith Network provides students with unique opportunities to learn community organizing and advocacy skills; faith teachings on economic justice and workers rights; and the impact of public policy and corporate practices on poor people and on the economy.

Potential internship assignments include:
- mobilizing WIN members for actions through turn out calls and mailings
- writing and researching educational, action, or worship, resources for the organization’s newsletter, email updates, and website
- interviewing workers and writing worker testimonials
- organizing student support for campaigns
- meeting with clergy and faith leaders to organize support for campaigns
- making presentations to congregations, unions, and community organizations about campaigns
- administrative tasks such as data entry

Internship Details
Interns should be:
- passionate about social and economic justice
- able to work with limited supervision
- comfortable working with Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other faith groups
- computer literate, including skills in word processing and using the internet - skilled in verbal and written communication

Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Internships are available during the school year or in the summer, and can be full or part time. We ask that interns work at least 8 – 10 hours per week. If you are not available for this much time, but would like to volunteer on a more limited basis, please let us know. You can tell us about your interest in an internship or volunteering by filling out our volunteer interest form.

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