Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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    Mobilizing People Of Faith

Organizing People of Faith
Our congregation supports Workers Interfaith Network because it allows us do what our faith calls us to do – to love God and to love neighbor. Through this good work we live out our faith by joining with workers, by showing up and speaking out, by shining the light on unjust workplace practices." - Rev. Renee Dillard, St. John's United Methodist Church

The members of St. John’s are some of the hundreds of people of faith who engage in WIN’s work as part of their mission and ministry. Does your faith call you to stand with workers who are seeking justice?

Faith and Justice
At WIN, we believe that every person has God-given dignity that must be respected in the workplace. We honor our Creator by seeking justice that enables workers to share in the fruits of their labor.
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Engage Your Congregation
Your congregation can engage with WIN in many ways, including:

  • Hosting a Bible study or workshop to learn more about workers’ rights. Contact Rev. Rebekah Gienapp if you would like her to speak to a group in your congregation about faith and workers' rights.
  • Using educational and worship resources, especially on the weekend of Labor Day.
  • Mobilizing your members to write letters, make phone calls, or join a vigil or rally.
  • Becoming a Partnering Congregation of Workers Interfaith Network.
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Our Success
  • The members of Workers Interfaith Network – people just like you – have won living wages and fair working conditions with thousands of workers.
  • By speaking up and taking action, you can join us in advancing the rights of Mid-South workers.
  • Learn more about what our members have accomplished