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"There's nothing like seeing a worker's face light up"
Earline Duncan speaks up with workers as WIN member

I've been a member of Workers Interfaith Network since we started in 2002. WIN's work is very important because WIN speaks up with workers. Workers who are underpaid. Workers who are underrepresented by the government. Workers whose wages have been stolen by their employers.

I've stayed active in WIN because there's nothing like seeing the faces of workers light up when they benefit from the work you and I do through WIN. After we won the City of Memphis living wage ordinance, I remember being hugged by a city worker at a senior center where I volunteer. She was so happy to be getting a living wage, because now she earned enough to meet her basic needs. I think about the faces of workers who have recovered their stolen wages by taking action with WIN.

It's wonderful to see workers becoming more active in upholding their rights through the training WIN provides. Want to join me in speaking up with workers for their rights?

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"God blessed me by showing me a way to serve through WIN"
Rev. Bill Neely uses giving and action to stop wage theft

I spent the better part of my first year after high school working full-time at a dinner theater. It was a great job and fun work, but it was work nonetheless, for which I expected to be paid. So I was frustrated when I went to cash my first check and found out the check was bad. I tried several times over the next week or two to cash the check, but was unable to. I lived at home with my parents, so my livelihood wasn't at stake.

But what about those who don't have the resources I did? What about those who are denied their pay and as a result, can't buy food for their families, pay their rent, or clothe their children?

When an employer intentionally refuses to pay a worker what they're owed, it is wage theft. It is immoral and indefensible. It tends to happen to people living on the edges of survival. The amounts owed may seem trivial to one who is accustomed to a comfortable living, but the money owed can mean the difference between housing and homelessness for the person who needs their pay.

I give to WIN, and I have protested with them on the streets of Memphis because WIN is committed to stopping wage theft. Because of members like you and me, WIN is effective, strategic, and committed to expanding justice in the Mid-South.

I can truly say that God has blessed me by showing me a way to serve through WIN. I was eventually paid for my work at the dinner theater, and my life continued on with no significant discomforts. But the same is not true for everyone. I invite you to learn more about wage theft, and how you can be part of the solution to stopping it here in Memphis.

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"If we don't take care of our family, who will?"
Gail Tyree uses monthly gifts to make workers' voices heard

I've been active in Workers Interfaith Network for the past 7 years. I've volunteered in WIN's living wage campaign, supported the right of workers to organize, and stood up against wage theft. I'm also a monthly donor to WIN through its' Allies for Justice pledge program.

WIN's work is so needed because low-wage workers in our community are our family. If we're not going to take care of our family, then who will? Most of my life, I've been privileged to work in jobs that have a labor union.

Many workers aren't that lucky. Without WIN, who would take up the issues of workers who don't have a union to advocate with them? If you're a low-wage worker whose wages have been stolen, and you don't have money for an attorney, where would you go if WIN wasn't here?

I love being a monthly donor because it makes my life easy. My job requires me to travel a lot, but as a Allies for Justice monthly donor, I don't have to remember to write a check. I know the help WIN needs will be there. I like the fact that my donations help workers' voices be heard. And they help WIN continue to run smoothly even in months of the year when other giving is slow.

Interested in joining me as a monthly donor to WIN?

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"Abuse doesn't have any borders"
Cristina Condori and Mario Mercado teach other workers about their rights through WIN

When Workers Interfaith Network started its Memphis Workers' Center in 2007, we were the first workers to join as members. We signed up because we knew this was a place where we could learn about our rights and share information with other workers. It's good to know that our membership gift helps other workers' recover their stolen wages. Sometimes people stay quiet when they see abuse happening, but WIN helps workers speak out against injustice.

Abuse doesn't have any borders - it can happen to any worker. We believe it's important for immigrant workers and workers who were born in this country to support each other's struggles. By working together, we can fight for fair treatment. If we don't collaborate, injustice will continue and spread to even more workers.

It's very satisfying to teach workers about their rights through WIN. We still remember a worker from Guatemala who seemed so timid during one of the worker rights workshops Mario led. He would even speak that night. But then later we saw him handing out WIN's worker rights flyers to workers waiting outside a temporary agency.

Being part of experiences like those is why we're members of WIN.

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