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    Wage Theft

Fifteen WIN Members Settle Wage Theft Case in Fifteen Minutes
Restaurant worker partners with WIN to get back over $1,000 in stolen wages

Luis wasn't sure what rights he had. He was only making $4.55 an hour as a dishwasher at a downtown restaurant. That was nearly $3 an hour below minimum wage.

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Luis confided in his friend Bartolo about his pay. Bartolo is a member of WIN's Workers' Center. He quickly informed Luis that he was entitled to be paid minimum wage and overtime, and urged him to contact Workers Interfaith Network.

WIN contacted the restaurant's owner, informing him that he owed Luis over $1,000 in unpaid wages. After the owner used many delaying tactics to avoid paying what he admitted he owed, WIN's members took public action.

Fifteen WIN members joined Luis in picketing the restaurant during the busy lunch hour. Fifteen minutes later, after several customers had asked wait staff what was happening, an angry manger came out to yell at the group. In another fifteen minutes, a different manager came out to pay Luis the entire amount he was owed.

Generous giving by WIN members makes it possible for us to bring together workers, people of faith, and others who care about justice. Together, we're partnering with workers to stop wage theft and other violations of their basic rights.

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