Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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Workers Interfaith Network is made up of people just like you who faithfully seek justice with Mid-South workers. Through Workers Interfaith Network, people of faith, workers, and community activists join together to win living wages and stop unfair working conditions.

Changing poverty wages and unjust working conditions can seem overwhelming.

What can one person do? Plenty.

Workers Interfaith Network (WIN) members press elected officials and business owners to respect workers’ rights and pay livable wages.

Members of our Workers’ Center learn how to defend their basic workplace rights.

Stories from the frontlines of WIN’s work

By organizing with WIN, people like you are learning about the power they have to bring about justice. Read more

Organizing people of faith

At WIN, we believe that every person has God-given dignity that must be respected in the workplace.  We honor our Creator by seeking justice that enables workers to share in the fruits of their labor. Read more

Memphis Workers’ Center

Every worker has rights, whether you’re an immigrant or you were born in this country. The Memphis Workers’ Center partners with workers like you to stop wage theft and uphold your basic rights. Read more

Member victories

Since WIN’s founding in 2002, our members have won many victories. Learn how people like you have established living wages and stopped unfair working conditions. Read more

About us

Find out more about WIN’s history, contact our staff, learn about internships, or read our annual reports. Read more

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  • The members of Workers Interfaith Network – people just like you – have won living wages and fair working conditions with thousands of workers.
  • By speaking up and taking action, you can join us in advancing the rights of Mid-South workers.
  • Learn more about what our members have accomplished