Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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Why Give to Workers Interfaith Network
You may have read some of the inspiring stories of how Workers Interfaith Network is making justice a reality in Memphis workplaces, thanks to the generosity and action of WIN members like you.

Your gifts have so much power to support low-wage workers who are seeking justice. Through your generosity, you are putting your faith into action with Mid-South workers who are standing up for justice.

At WIN, we understand that you want your gifts to be used wisely and efficiently. As a WIN member you are winning living wages, stopping abuses like wage theft, and supporting workers as they stand up for their rights.
As part of that partnership, we pledge to you that WIN will:

1) Update you regularly on how your gift is being used through our print and email newsletters.

2) Be careful stewards of your gift by exceeding the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance standard that nonprofits spend at least 65% of their total expenses on program activities. In 2011, WIN spent 83% of our total expenses on program activities.

3) Be accountable to you by sharing our annual IRS 990 report forms, our financial reviews by an independent accountant, and by being a Partner in Trust with Guidestar, the leading organization encouraging transparency among nonprofits.

We welcome visits, phone calls, and emails from our members and from those who are considering making a gift. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a visit, please email WIN's executive director Rev. Rebekah Gienapp or call her at (901) 332-3570.

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  • The members of Workers Interfaith Network – people just like you – have won living wages and fair working conditions with thousands of workers.
  • By speaking up and taking action, you can join us in advancing the rights of Mid-South workers.
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