Faithfully seeking justice with workers in the Memphis area

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    Labor in the Pulpits

Worker Justice Worship Resources
Workers Interfaith Network, along with our national organization Interfaith Worker Justice, offer many different worship resources from different faith traditions related to justice for workers.

Resources for your Labor Day weekend worship service
Labor Day is an opportunity for people of faith to remember God's  commitment to justice and to reflect on how we can help ensure that  workers are treated with dignity in the workplace. The Labor in the Pulpits program provides worship and study resources for congregations'  worship services on Labor Day weekend.

Congregations can participate in the Labor in the Pulpits in many ways, including  using our worship resources and reflections focused on justice for workers.

New Resources for 2011:

Bulletin insert on City of Memphis workers' struggle
Collect and responsive prayer for Labor Day Sunday
We Have Been to the Mountaintop (responsive reading)
In Difficult Times
Responsive Reading: You Are Not at Fault

Additional Resources:

A Common Prayer for the Unemployed (Christian)
A Litany for Uncertain Times
Thou Shalt Not Steal: A Litany on Wage Theft
Bulletin insert on wage theft and action steps (Christian) 
A Great Thanksgiving for Labor Day

Workers Interfaith Network is affiliated with Interfaith Worker Justice, which produces a variety of educational and worship materials for Labor Day, many of which are geared toward specific faiths or denominations.
Faith Teachings on Justice for Workers
Scriptures from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Traditions Related to Justice and Work

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